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Mac McLaw is a German independent author from the Ruhr-Area and a frontier crosser between worlds who will not quite fit into a certain drawer.

He was bartender, coordinated at the German Bundeswehr Navy the helicopter Search And Rescue operations from the tower, then worked for a long time backstage at the famous musical Starlight Express; he stood against the bad guys as a prosecutor, supervised for a certain time the well known Moorhuhn, got to know among other things the partly mafia structures of the pharmaceutical industry from within and also found there a lot of material for his books.

The heart of the unusual former lawyer and football fan beats for the underdogs of this world and he loves language, the exchange of cultures and ideas, nature, good books, good movies and music over all...

For his poems books you could say:

Linkin Park, Placebo and Damien Saez press it onto a CD, McLaw between two book covers.

They say that maybe he is one of the last real romantics. But maybe that is only half of the truth...

He is also a rebel who wants to speak about the awkward things, to make people ponder...

With a lot of feeling and having a very keen eye he tries to get to the heart of things and to describe them how they happen before his eyes...

Music Lover
Whit fire in the heart 
Boys don t  cry
Free Spirit